About Us

Rita’s Sauce (Est. 2022) is proudly family-owned and operated by Rita Pino and her six children; Sam, Steph, Jenn, Nick, Olivia, and Jackie.

Rita, an aspiring Italian, first created the recipe for Rita’s Sauce in the late 80s and her love for Italian cooking has only grown. She always had a passion for cooking big meals for friends and family. Her food quickly became famous within her community and throughout generations. This led her to years of catering and opening an Italian foods specialty store. Years later, the Pino family knew there was a need for something bigger and better – jarring Rita's perfected marinara sauce for all to enjoy! It is a flavor-packed blend of fresh and premium ingredients. Whether it is Marinara or Spicy Marinara this all-purpose sauce will be your new pantry staple. You can purchase Rita's Sauce here online or click, 'Locations' and 'Pop-ups' in the navigation bar to find us in stores or farmers' markets near you!